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Credit Bank of Iraq's network of branches has grown to 10 branches and are located across Iraq. Currently, Credit Bank of Iraq has ten branches in Baghdad (including a business center in Zain-Iraq premises in Mansour quarter) and one branch in each of the following governorates: Hilla, Karbala, Basra & Erbil.

In order to obtain the details of a particular location, please click the red arrow below and select a city from the menu.

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Karbala – Alnaqeeb Qu. – Block (24)- Abbasiya – Building(28/113).

Basra – Al Ashar – Umm alburoum Sq.- Block (104) – St.(5) – Building (1404)

Erbil – Almanara -Alhilali St.-Warish –Behind Kurdistan Cabinet Building

Bgd. - Zain Co. Site – Mansour Qu. - Block (605) – St. (14

Main (Alawiya)
Bgd.- Sadoun Qu.(102)- Sadoun St.(9) –Alawiya Building (187)