Now with our loan program, you can be provided with the needed loan required to cover your current as well as future needs, Whether the required loan is for a project in the field of agriculture, industry, trade, oil, etc..

We give you the option of repaying the loan over a period up to three years.

Loan features:

Customer entitlement criteria:

  • Nationality: Iraqis & multi-national companies operating in iraq, provided the Central Bank of Iraq approval is obtained.
  • A collateral acceptable to the Bank.

Required documentation:

  • Filled and signed loan application form.
  • Personal ID (Civil ID, Iraqi Nationality certificate, foodstuff card, residence card plus Municipal Board confirmation.)
  • A recent formal ownership document or signed rent contract must be provided.
  • If the applicant is a company, the following documents are required :
    • Same above IDs for the Managing Director (GM)
    • Audited final accounts for the past two years
    • Co. foundation permit, co. bylaws, & signed minutes of the first assembly with specific authorization for the GM to apply for specified credits and certain limits.
  • If collateral is a real estate, the following must be considered:
    • The total estate should be mortgaged in the name of Credit Bank of Iraq, i.e., partial property mortgage is not acceptable.
    • The estate must not be the only residence premise of the owner.
    • The owner has to authorize Credit Bank of Iraq in writing to sell the mortgaged estate in case the applicant can’t pay due instalments on maturity.
  • Upon a formal written request from Credit Bank of Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq provides Credit Bank of Iraq with the applicant's liabilities against the other banks operating in Iraq.    

Terms and conditions apply.

The bank has the right to amend any of the criteria, terms and conditions without prior notice.

To learn more about our products, call our Credit Bank of Iraq Call Center 00964-7901 907 114 during working hours or 00965-2259 3680 after 3 p.m. of working days & on holidays or click here to submit an inquiry.